Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Socks...with a Twist

I haven't made these socks yet and, seeing as Valentine's day is in two days, I definitely don't have time to make them in time for Valentine's day this year. But I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it, and now I desperately want to make a pair for myself. They're called My Vampire Boyfriend Socks, and the pattern is available for free from Knitty.

I just so happen to have a skein of gorgeous red sock yarn... that is too fine a weight for this pattern. So I'll need to procure some more appropriate yarn to make these beauties. I have quite a stash of sock yarn, including several skeins of fingering/sock weight that would be great in this pattern - I just really love that red, and I don't have it. So it looks like I'll be placing another order from Knit Picks soon. Darn...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Featuring.... Me!

Thanks to Jocelyn from The Nesting Spot on Etsy, I recently discovered that my Etsy shop was featured on's Family Style blog. You can view the article that featured my shop here. Free advertising, woo!

Since being featured in Family Style, I have received tons of orders, and my shop is seeing way more traffic than usual. Which is, of course, a good thing. My biggest fear right now is not being able to knit toys fast enough (not that I ever have as much time for knitting as I would like...).

Speaking of toys... I've just finished two new designs for spring.

Danny the Duck - he was one of the toys featured on The first one sold quickly, and I'm knitting another one as fast as I can.

Next up: Rascal the Rabbit, a tiny bunny sized for Easter baskets (he's about 8 inches from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his legs, his body is about 4 inches without ears or legs).

I have plans to make a larger rabbit by modifying my teddy bear pattern. Now I just have to find the time.