Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweater Madness

I've been in a sweater knitting frenzy over here lately. But first, I knitted a pair of Irish Girlie Knits Sweet Home socks for my very best friend for her birthday (ok, so the second sock was a few weeks late). Then I got to resume working on my Cloudy Sunday sweater in Knit Picks Cadena yarn in Sagebrush. I am a little more than half way done with this sweater (so I still have quite a bit of knitting to do), but that didn't stop me from perusing new patterns. I found this little gem on Ravelry yesterday. Now I am dying to try out Indigo Mouse's Arbor short-sleeve sweater. What a gorgeous pattern! Bonus: I think I even have some yarn in my stash that will work! And if I finish it quickly, I might be able to wear it this spring!

But first, I need to finish off Cloudy Sunday. I hope I get finished before it gets too warm to wear it at least once. Or this might end up like my Delancey Cardigan - I finish it in September when it's WAY too hot to wear it (don't worry, I've worn it lots of times this winter).

That's not to mention the stacks and stacks of project boxes with yarn and patterns ready and waiting for me to just cast on already... many of which are cardigans. Because I'm obsessed with cardigans. Ooh, like this one from Knitty. I've printed and saved the pattern, but I haven't bought any yarn for it (yet...isn't that some serious self-restrain?). Then there's the Lydia cardigan (for which I do have yarn). And the Classic Lines Cardigan (for which I also have yarn). Oh! Let's not forget the beautiful, light weight Lepidoptera cardigan from Interweave Knits (for which, once again, I have already bought yarn). My subscription to Interweave Knits has probably been my downfall in the knitting to-do list department. That magazine has so many great patterns that I want to make... if only I had all the time in the world.

All right. Enough writing. It's the weekend. Time for some knitting.

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