Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun for Fall

I've been stuck at home with a sick Max for the past few days, and it seems that the antibiotics are finally getting rid of the little guy's strep throat. That means that while I had to stay home with him again today (he shouldn't be contagious after today, so he can back to daycare tomorrow just in time for their Fall Festival), he was feeling well enough to play by himself and nap without being held for a while. What does that mean for LaTina? Knitting time, of course! With the nip of fall in the air this morning (that means 59 degrees when I woke up), I was in the mood to knit something fall-y. And what says Fall more than pumpkins? This little guy measures 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches high (3.5 inches high if you include the stem).

Here's the (very simple and very quick) pattern:

I used worsted weight yarn and size 5 DPN's. I plan to make a bigger one next by holding the yarn double and using size 8 DPN's. You could also just use a chunkier yarn.

Cast on 9 sts with orange yarn (leave a long tail to sew up the hole in the bottom), distribute evenly among 3 needles, join to knit in the round (you can also knit this flat and sew up the side seam, just alternate knit and purl rows, aka stockinette stitch; add in an extra purl row where needed to make the KFB stitches work). You will need DPN's for the i-cord stem.

R1 - KFB 9 x's (18 sts)
R2 - KFB 18 x's (36 sts)
R3 - knit all sts
R4 - KFB 36 x's (72 sts)
R5-7 - knit 3 rounds
R8 - KFB into the first and last stitch on each needle (78 sts; 26 sts on each needle)
R9-13 - knit 5 rounds
R14 - *k2tog, knit to end of needle, ssk* 3x's (72 sts)
R15-19 - knit 5 rounds
R20 - repeat round 14 (66 sts)
R21-22 - knit 2 rounds
R23 - repeat round 14 (60 sts)
R24-26 - knit 3 rounds
R27 - k2tog around (30 sts)
R28-29 - knit 2 rounds
R30 - k2tog around (15 sts)
R31-32 - knit 2 rounds
R33 - *k2tog k1 ssk* 3x's (9 sts)
R34 - knit

Cut yarn and draw through remaining live stitches. Finish stuffing the pumpkin to desired fullness, pull tight, knot, and hide yarn tail inside. Sew up the hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and hide the yarn tail inside.

To make the stem, pick up and knit 4 stitches at the top of the pumpkin using green yarn. Using 2 DPN's, work in i-cord for 12 rows, or until stem is desired length (folded in half). Bind off in i-cord, and fold the stem down so that the cast on and bound off edges meet. Sew the stem in place, and hide all yarn tails inside.

*This pattern is for personal use only. Enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Works in Progress

  • Delancey Cardigan in navy with light gray stripes
  • Cotty Socks in Kollage Yarns Sock-a-licious colorway Waterfall
  • a new teddy bear in tan and cream
Bad lighting this afternoon, so no in progress pics for you. Maybe tomorrow.

I am extremely pleased with the way the cardigan is turning out. Ditto the socks, even though the picot edge on my current sock didn't turn out quite as pretty as the one pictured in the pattern.

Having three simultaneous knitting projects makes deciding what to work on difficult. The teddy bear is closest to completion, but I think tonight I want to work on the socks.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've done so much in the couple of weeks since I've posted here. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures for you. Don't hold it against me - everyone in my house had a stomach bug last weekend, and I just started working a second part time job in my undergraduate adviser's lab, so I'm working full time now. All of that plus a husband and a two year old doesn't leave a lot of spare time.

I finished my first pair of socks last weekend while recuperating, and they turned out great. I'll definitely be wearing them on cold winter nights (well, as cold as winter gets here, anyway, which isn't cold at all to northerners). I also made another teddy bear, which has also been sold. And another football. I also started on my cardigan, which is going to be amazing when I finally finish it. I've also started working on another zebra, and I have yarn in my knitting bag for another teddy bear (different color scheme this time). Timmy the Tiger sold today, so I want to go ahead and make another. Actually, I want to make two tigers, one for the little stash of toys I'm selling at Max's daycare and one for my Etsy shop. Plus two black cats for Halloween and one for my sister. I'll probably save that for her birthday in November. And socks... there are so many socks that I want to knit.

Dish Rag Tag has officially begun, and before I know it the box will be here, and I will be speedily knitting up a dish rag. I have ambitious plans to knit three sets of dish cloths as Christmas gifts, possibly using the Official Dish Rag Tag pattern.

So much knitting, so little time...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Socks - Work in Progress

My first sock is coming along nicely, I think. Not sure if I'm going to finish the pair this weekend (Teddy the Bear sold right away, and I want to go ahead and make another one), but I'm pleased with the results so far. I'll definitely be finishing this sock before I start knitting another bear. I'm almost there!

I had to check and see if they fit...

I think these socks are going to be great once they're finished. And once the heat index drops below 110. It's really too hot for socks here in August. Come December, I think I'm going to wear them all the time.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Socks! (among other things)

I finished the elephant I was working on (his name is Ethan, FYI) and got him listed on Etsy the other day. Have a look:

I've just realized that this is the first elephant I've made that I've actually taken pictures of. The other three were finished the night before they were sold (and night = bad lighting, so no pictures).

I also managed to knit a new teddy bear for my shop.

After that intense rush of business a couple of weeks ago, things have slowed down, but that's ok. I expect things to pick up in the next couple of months, as people begin their holiday shopping.

But toys are not what this post is about. This post is about socks. I am about to (finally!) start on my first pair of socks. I am going to start with a basic worsted weight sock pattern and then venture into more complex (and time-consuming) patterns. I chose Knit Picks Shine Worsted (what else?) in French Blue as the yarn for my first sock knitting adventure. They're going to be great, I can feel it. Hopefully I can get them finished this weekend and show them to you soon. My feet can hardly wait.

In other news, I've also signed up for Dish Rag Tag, a dishrag knitting relay race mediated by Emily of Yarn Miracle (click the button below for details). This is my first time entering the race, and it promises to be loads of fun.

Oh! I almost forgot! My dissertation defense was a smashing success on Wednesday. I won't insist that you call me Dr. LaTina now (but you are welcome to do so if that is your heart's desire).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

To-Do List

That most exciting yet dreaded time is almost upon me - I will be defending my dissertation in three short days, and I am really starting to get nervous. So mainly my to-do list consists of "rehearse defense." Since I can't feasibly rehearse 24/7, I'm also adding several knitting projects to the list.
  • Finish the elephant I'm working on and get it listed on Etsy
  • Knit and list a teddy bear
Then comes the fun, not-for-my-shop stuff. My first foray into the wonderful world of sock knitting! I'm so excited. I found a really easy (looking) basic sock pattern, which I'm going to try first. Then I plan to move on to this gorgeous lace pattern I found for the amazing merino wool/silk blend sock yarn I bought last week. I have quite the stash of sock yarn for someone who hasn't knitted so much as one pair of socks (yet).

After my first pair of socks, I think I'll finally start working on this gorgeous cardigan that I can hardly wait to finish. Or maybe I'll end up starting the cardigan before the socks. You never know with me. I tend to do things on a whim. I'll probably end up knitting gauge swatches for both the socks and the cardigan before I actually start working on either one. That's the really great thing about knitting toys - no gauge swatches (because it doesn't matter if your stuffed animal size is off by an inch or two).

Off to knit a body for my elephant!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Lavender

Lavender the Zebra is up on Etsy now. She's so adorable, and I don't think my photos do her justice. I don't know if I'm just not getting the right background or what.

I made Lavender from my ever-growing stash of Knit Picks Shine Worsted yarn, so she is incredibly soft.

I recently visited a specialty yarn shop here in Mobile (Wellslee's All Strung Out), and for the most part was pleased with their selection. I bought two hanks of sock yarn (their sock yarn section is especially good), but I don't think they can replace Knit Picks as my top yarn supplier. They did have some pima cotton yarns, but they are twice as expensive as Shine Worsted, not nearly as soft, and they don't have as many color choices. More importantly, they don't have the colors that I order most from Knit Picks. I went to Wellslee's looking for a substitute for Shine Worsted Robot, a light gray color. They had plenty of gray yarns, but none of that light silvery shade. Looks like I'll be waiting until August 20 to place yet another order from Knit Picks.

Wellslee's does have a really great offering of knitting needles. They have circular and double-pointed needle sizes that I can't find in Hobby Lobby or Michael's and would usually have to order. Their prices on bamboo needles are also far more reasonable than the prices for those needles in Hobby Lobby (they actually cost about 50% less at Wellslee's). I will definitely be back to visit these folks, but I'm afraid they just can't replace Knit Picks.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Call Me Superwoman

I have been so super productive today. So far I've:
  • baked a loaf of bread
  • unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
  • washed, dried, folded and put away two loads of laundry
  • cleaned both bathrooms
  • looked over my defense presentation with three new slides added by my adviser
  • set up the sweet new digital photo frame I got for my birthday
  • entertained Max by playing Wii Sports (bowling and tennis) and letting him hold the remote I wasn't using
  • knitted a zebra head, complete with ears and mane
  • sewed the ears and mane to the zebra head, and embroidered the eyes and mouth
  • made a pot of chili for dinner
That doesn't even include everyday tasks like changing, feeding, and generally keeping track of a two year old. And feeding myself. I mostly ate leftovers.

I am so excited about this new zebra. This one is special - it's lavender! It's turning out so sooo sooooo cute. I'm hoping that I can get it finished, photographed, and listed on Etsy by Wednesday. The few minor changes I made to my original zebra pattern made a world of difference (even though that first one was pretty adorable). I can't wait to show you.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Projects on the Horizon

If I ever find the time, I have tons of knitting projects I want to complete in the next couple of months. I bought myself a cardigan pattern and the yarn to make it with (Storm as the main color, Fog as the contrast) as a little birthday gift to myself. Hopefully, I'll be able to start working on it as soon as I get the yarn in the mail.

There are also four sock projects that I want to make, some for myself, others as Christmas/birthday gifts. First, I need to finish a bee for a customer. I have two more rounds to complete the body, then I need to make the wings, legs, arms, and antennae. It isn't as much work as it sounds. I can probably finish it in an hour or so, if I can find the time to sit down and do it. I didn't promise it until next weekend, but I'm actually hoping to finish it today so she can pick it up sooner.

I just sold another teddy bear on Etsy, which has seriously depleted my shop. So far on my Etsy shop to-do list are: a bear, an elephant, a zebra, a tiger, a bee, a ladybug. We'll see how long it takes me to get around to knitting all of those critters.

All in all, business is good right now, which is somewhat surprising, being August, a typically slow time of year for toy sales, I think. I'm not complaining. Now, off to change my toddler's wet pull-up and get him dressed for the day. I sort of love weekends when I wake up earlier than he does. I get so much done in that short time when everyone else is sleeping.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creepy Crawly Caterpillar Pattern

Today I decided to make my caterpillar pattern publicly available - for free even! You can download the pdf on Ravelry or see instructions below. The finished caterpillar measures about 6.5 inches. You'll need about 75 yards of worsted weight yarn, a set of US size 3 DPN's, stuffing, a tapestry needle, and a scrap of contrast color yarn for embroidering facial features.

Cast on 6 sts, and distribute evenly among 3 needles. Join to knit in the round, and place marker
to mark the beginning of the round.
Round 1: knit all sts
Round 2: *k2 m1* 3x’s (9 sts)
Round 3: knit
Round 4: *k1 m1* 9x’s (18 sts)
Round 5: knit
Round 6: *k3 m1* 6x’s (24 sts)
Round 7: knit
Round 8: *k2 m1* 12x’s (36 sts)
Rounds 9-18: knit 10 rounds
Round 19: *k1 k2tog* 12x’s (24 sts)
Round 20: knit
Round 21: *k2 k2tog* 6x’s (18 sts)
Begin stuffing.
Round 22: knit
Round 23: *k3 m1* 6x’s (24 sts)
Round 24: knit
Round 25: *k2 m1* 12x’s (36 sts)
Rounds 26-35: knit 10 rounds
Round 36: *k1 k2tog* 12x’s (24 sts)
Round 37: knit
Round 38: *k2 k2tog* 6x’s (18 sts)
Round 39: knit
Add more stuffing.
Round 40: *k3 m1* 6x’s (24 sts)
Round 41: knit
Round 42: *k2 m1* 12x’s (36 sts)
Rounds 43-52: knit 10 rounds
Round 53: *k1 k2tog* 12x’s (24 sts)
Round 54: knit
Round 55: *k2 k2tog* 6x’s (18 sts)
Round 56: knit
Add more stuffing.
Round 57: *k1 k2tog* 6x’s (12 sts)
Round 58: k2tog 6x’s (6 sts)
Finish stuffing. Cut yarn, thread through remaining stitches, pull tight, and knot. Hide yarn tail

Cast on 6 stitches, and distribute evenly among 3 needles. Join to knit in the round, and place
marker to mark the beginning of the round.
Round 1: knit all sts
Round 2: *k2 m1* 3x’s (9 sts)
Round 3: knit
Round 4: *k1 m1* 9x’s (18 sts)
Round 5: knit
Round 6: *k3 m1* 6x’s (24 sts)
Round 7: knit
Round 8: *k2 m1* 12x’s (36 sts)
Round 9: knit
Round 10: *k9 m1* 4x’s (40 sts)
Rounds 11-18: knit 8 rounds
Round 19: *k8 k2tog* 4x’s (36 sts)
Round 20: knit
Round 21: *k1 k2tog* 12x’s (24 sts)
Round 22: knit
Round 23: *k2 k2tog* 6x’s (18 sts)
Round 24: knit
Begin stuffing.
Round 25: *k1 k2tog* 6x’s (12 sts)
Round 26: k2tog 6x’s (6 sts)
Finish stuffing. Cut yarn, thread through remaining stitches, pull tight, and knot. Hide yarn tail

LEGS (make 6)
Cast on 6 sts, and distribute evenly among 3 needles. Join to knit in the round, and place marker
to mark the beginning of the round.
Round 1: knit
Round 2: *k2 kfb* twice (8 sts)
Rounds 3-6: knit 4 rounds
Bind off all stitches, and stuff the legs, using a pencil to help.

ANTENNAE (make 2)
Cast on 3 stitches, distribute between 2 needles.
Round 1: kfb 3x’s (6 sts)
Increase to 3 needles.
Rounds 2-5: knit 4 rounds
Stuff, using a pencil to help.
Round 6: k2tog 3x’s (3 sts)
Work 6 rows i-cord and bind off.

Sew all pieces together, and embroider facial features.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy Bee

Yep, that's me. I just put the finishing touches on my Power Point for my dissertation defense so I can go through it with my adviser tomorrow. I've been diligently working on my recent toy orders as well. I've finished one horse (black with green eyes, pretty cute) and have almost finished the head for the second. I'll post photos once they're both complete.

I got the yarn for the football and basketball in the mail yesterday, and hopefully I'll be able to finish the sports ball order by the end of the week.

After that, it's off to make another bumble bee, as I just got a request for another one.

In the midst of all this busy-ness I've almost forgotten that my birthday is Friday! No big plans, just dinner out with the family, which is fine with me.

Now, off to finish knitting a horse head!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Timmy the Tiger

Meet Timmy, my latest creation. He's a tiger, obviously. Isn't he cute?

Here, drink in the full view of Timmy.

Now, from the back. Isn't that a sweet little tail?

I have a feeling that if I ever get the time to make more of him, I'll sell a zillion. This one is already spoken for. Remember that potentially large Etsy order I mentioned in my last post? Well, Timmy is part of that order, along with a snail and an elephant. I'm also making two horses for the buyer. I'll be starting on those tonight.

I wrote up the baseball/basketball pattern for Max's daycare's receptionist last night, and I ordered the yarn for the football and basketball. I already have white for the baseball. The yarn shipped today, so I'll probably be able to make the balls next week.

Obviously, I have plenty of knitting to keep me busy for a while... in addition to preparing for my dissertation defense (it's only three weeks from today!). Ahhh, the end of graduate school... it sort of scares the crap out of me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Custom Creations

Well, guys, I have to say that Market on the Square could have been more successful. It wasn't a complete disappointment, though. I did sell four toys and make $67 in the process. More importantly, I gave out tons of business cards, and there may be a large Etsy order on the horizon for me because of it. In addition to that, I just got an order from the receptionist at Max's daycare for a collection of plush sports balls. I am now on the hunt for the perfect football-colored yarn. And contemplating the feasibility of knitting a soccer ball. I may end up just doing a football, baseball, and basketball. Perhaps I'll throw in a hockey puck... because, as you may or may not know, hockey is the best sport there is.

I also got a request for two horses, but it isn't a firm request yet, just an inquiry at this point. Hopefully it will turn into an actual order.

In the meantime, I'm *thisclose* to finishing up a tiger, and I am super in love with it. I'll have to make more, I'm sure. Elephants and tigers are popular critters here in southern Alabama. Hopefully I'll get the tiger finished up tonight and photographed and listed on Etsy tomorrow. I just have to knit the tail then sew the legs and tail onto the body.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I LOVE This Yarn

And I don't mean the yarn brand I Love This Yarn! (which I actually don't love at all - if I'm knitting with acrylic I like Caron Simply Soft). I'm talking about Shine Worsted Yarn from Knit Picks. It's a blend of high quality pima cotton and beechwood fiber, and it's my favorite yarn EVER. It's so so so SOOO soft and luxurious feeling, and the colors are amazing. It is, admittedly, a bit pricier than, say, I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby (which I also really like) and way more expensive than a relatively soft acrylic like Caron Simply Soft. And you have to order it and wait for it to arrive in the mail. But it still isn't that expensive (it's cheaper than most of the specialty eyelash yarns available in every craft store). And you get free shipping when you order a ton of it, as I always seem to do. I also bought a bunch of sock yarn with my last order, though. I haven't tried it yet, but there are definitely a few sock projects in my future.

I just made two teddy bears from my stash of Shine Worsted Yarn, and they are the softest, most wonderful stuffed animals EVER (if I may say so).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creepy Crawlies!

I finally found the time knit up some of the ideas I told you about in my last post. Sadly, I still haven't knitted an elephant. The first thing I started working on after my last post was a zebra. I named him Zack. I've tweaked the pattern a bit since then, but I haven't made another one yet.

After the zebra, I decided to start on those creepy crawlies I mentioned. First is a caterpillar. I think he turned out pretty cute. I think I'll leave this pattern as is... but I'll probably play with the colors more on the next one.

Next up, a bumble bee! Pretty cute, but the proportions are a tad off. Tweaking this one to make the head a little larger.

Stay tuned! I've been super busy, and I also have a teddy bear knitted up. No pics of him yet, though. Looks like I'll have plenty of cute toys for sale at Market on the Square this weekend (in Cathedral Square in downtown Mobile). That is, if we don't have an annoying tropical storm or hurricane raining out the event. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So Many Ideas...

And not enough time to knit them all up. I have three more designs for toys in the works, and they have a theme: African Savannah animals, or African Savannah Friends, if you will. So far I've written patterns for a tiger, a zebra, and an elephant. The tiger needs a bit of tweaking, so I won't show you the prototype just yet. I'm almost finished with the zebra prototype, and he is way cute. I haven't quite finished the elephant pattern, but I hope to get an elephant prototype knitted up this week. I've made two elephants in the past from patterns I got from the internet. Well, I did modify both patterns, and I really wanted to write my own using some elements from the patterns I already have. I don't plan on selling these patterns, so I don't feel terrible about shamelessly (and modifying) the best bits of some other patterns for my own designs.

In addition to all those exotic animals, I have an idea for a caterpillar and a bumblebee to go with the lady bug I made (Creepy Crawly Friends). I also have a teddy bear pattern written up that I need to make a prototype for, but I don't expect to have to make many changes to that one.

All of these ideas are well and good, but I really want to be able to get a bunch of these made up in time for Market on the Square downtown in a couple of weeks. That is, if I can get a spot at the market. That is not a given, but I have an application submitted anyway.

In the meantime, I've had several orders from daycare, and they'll do Market on the Square again in the fall, just in time for Christmas orders. I should have a good stock going by then, and hopefully I can get my application in early for that one. I have an idea for a penguin that is completely inappropriate for summer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I just realized that I never showed you the hammerhead shark I made for my nephew's birthday last month!

Here it is! Super cute, no?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oops - comments now open

I just realized that my comments were set for blogger/Google account folks only. They are now open for anyone to comment.

Ravelry Stalking

Is it weird to sort of stalk people on Ravelry? Like when I see that someone has bought my pattern would it be weird to message them and say something like, "Hey, thanks for buying my pattern. Let me know if you have questions about it. And also, I really want to see pictures"? 'Cause I've sold my first pattern on Ravelry (squee!), and I sort of really want to do exactly that. But I don't want to be the weird kid in class. So maybe I shouldn't. But now you already know I'm the weird kid in class since I just told the internet that I want to stalk people on Ravelry. Great.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Al the Gator - Now for Sale!

So after finishing up my Krull the Warrior King prototype, I got busy working on the new and improved Al the Gator. It took about three days to finish up the latest version, but he's all done now and listed for sale on Etsy! I am quite pleased with the final result, and I've listed the pattern for sale on Ravelry. If you aren't on Ravelry but are interested in buying this pattern, click the "buy now" button below the photos in this post. This will take you directly to PayPal. Cost for the pattern is $3.

Materials needed to knit your own Al the Gator:
  • Set of five US size 3 DPN's
  • ~75 yards worsted weight yarn in green (I used I Love This Cotton! from Hobby Lobby in sage)
  • small amount of worsted weight yarn in white
  • scrap of worsted weight yarn in black
  • tapestry needle
  • stuffing
This pattern is not recommended for beginners. You should have some experience with DPN's before you try it.

Monday, May 31, 2010


I did it! Last night I finished my Krull the Warrior King prototype. I am extremely pleased with the finished product. Not bad at all for my second complete toy design. I am very excited to modify this pattern a bit to make him smaller and faster to knit. I also want to modify the head just a little bit to make the muzzle shorter but more pronounced and make the tail curve more. The prototype measures 10" seated and 14" standing.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Think I Can...

Krull the Warrior King is almost complete! Squee! He only needs one more arm and two legs! Of course I'm talking about the knitted version, not the real Krull the Warrior King. He has all of his parts. I think I can finish him today if Max isn't too terribly demanding today. So far, Max is being very demanding. But I'm hopeful.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Al the Gator Prototype Revealed

Like I said, Al's head is too large for his body, but otherwise I am pleased with how he turned out. Time to start working on the version of him with a smaller head!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Legs to Go

And then I will unveil my Al the Gator prototype. He's turning out cute, I think, although his head is too large for his body as he was made. I've written two modified versions of the pattern, one where I made the head smaller, and one where I made the tail and body longer. I'll probably make the smaller version of him next and list him for sale on Etsy. Then I'll put the pattern up on Ravelry.

After Al is perfected, it's back to work on Krull the Warrior King! You've already seen his completed head, and I'm about 1/3 of the way through the body. I'm already working on a modified head pattern for my canine friend. And today I started making the Power Point presentation for my dissertation defense. No firm date yet, but I should be defending sometime in the next three or four weeks (squee!).

Monday, May 24, 2010

Al the Gator - work in progress

I still haven't finished my Krull the Warrior King prototype, but he's coming along well, I think. In the meantime, I've been distracted by a new design project - Al the Gator. I've been working in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta for the past couple of months, and it is chock full of alligators. I saw a ton of big gators when we were out doing field work today. Up until now, the alligators we've seen have been fairly small.

I've been thinking about knitting an alligator for some time now, but I never could find a suitable pattern. So I'm writing my own! Turns out, it wasn't that hard. And my knitted gator is coming along nicely (and quickly). Hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished product in a day or two. After that, it's back to work on the dog prototype, which I hope to finish within a week or so. (That may be a bit too ambitious, since I'm super busy with final edits on my dissertation and the new lab project I'm working on).

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prototype Head is Complete!

So I finished the head for my first ever toy pattern last night. It's turning out all right, I think. I am, however, definitely going to make a few changes in the final pattern that I plan to make available to the public via Ravelry. I haven't decided if I'm going to make it a free download or try to sell it. I'm thinking maybe free download to gauge interest. I have some other pattern ideas, and if they turn out well, I might try to sell some of those.

As for the Krull the Warrior King (aka stuffed dog) prototype, it's turning out on the large side, and I plan to modify the pattern to make it smaller. Here's a photo of the finished head, with ears and embroidered eyes. In the smaller version, I'll use 10 or 12 mm plastic safety eyes.

Since I've been so into this knitting toys thing, I've decided that I might also try to sell some on Etsy. I don't have anything listed yet, but I hope to have something up there in the very near future. I have a few versions of my dog pattern that I want to try, and maybe I'll list a couple of those for sale. I know I kept talking about making an octopus, but now I'm thinking I'll try a shark pattern next. I was pleased with the final product from the hammerhead pattern I bought, but I want to try to write one for a non-hammerhead shark that is knitted in the round ('cause I sort of suck at seaming, so the less sewing the better).

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tom the Bear

I finished the teddy bear I was working on yesterday. It is Tom the Bear from Twins' Knitting Minishop.

I sort of love him. So does Max.

I haven't made Tom the Bear's cardigan yet, but I will. I still have to decide what colors to use. Blue with green trim, perhaps?

I also made a teeny tiny bit of progress on my very first knitted toy prototype yesterday. A very tiny bit. The nose is too big (I'm knitting it in the round starting at the nose), so I'm going to start over today. I've also decided that in the future I'm not going to write anything before I start knitting a new pattern. I'm just going to wing it and write down what works as I go. Hopefully I'll have something new to show you soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pattern in Progress

I am in the process of writing my first pattern. Technically. It's for a stuffed dog modeled after my dog, Krull the Warrior King. Sort of (same coloring and general head shape, I hope). I say "technically" because I have knitted things without patterns before. You know, simple things like scarves and shawls. This pattern is more complicated than a scarf or a shawl, obviously. I hope the head shaping turns out all right. So far all I have is an incomplete drawing. I have one more leg to finish on the teddy bear I'm working on (pics to come soon) then I'll start on my Krull the Warrior King prototype. I expect to have to modify the pattern and re-work much of the design until I get it right. So it may be a while before I post pictures here, but rest assured that my first original toy design will be featured here in the not-too-distant future.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Max saw this lobster and said, "Mommy made Elmo!" According to the pattern, his name is Jacques Crusteau, but I guess we're calling him Elmo the Lobster.

Stripey Frog

I made this guy for Max after his Easter basket friends. Soon he'll have a whole frog family. I have yarn to make a bigger solid green frog and a wee tiny dark green/light green striped frog. Click on the picture, and you can order the pattern yourself from Etsy. You should also check out the other toys and patterns available from Yarn Miracle's Etsy shop. They're super cute.


My local library does not have this book, and I want it really really bad.

And also this one.

If I order both of them from Amazon, I'll get free shipping. I may be forced to do that. That giraffe is super cute.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best is Yet to Come

I have tons of ideas floating around in my head for patterns. Unfortunately, I also have four knitting projects already lined up, all from patterns that are not my originals. But I hope to try out some original patterns soon. Like an octopus. I really really really really want to knit an octopus. But none of the patterns I've found are what I had in mind. So I guess I'll have to write my own. I also have an idea for a teddy bear pattern that combines all the best elements of the toy patterns I've seen. And a shark. I've already made a hammerhead (I'll post it here later), but I'm thinking about making something more like a bull shark. I just have to figure out how.

So expect to see some things here that you won't find anywhere else.

My First Toys

These aren't really, you know, my first toys. But they are the first toys that I ever knitted. I made them for Max (my 2 year old). They went in his Easter basket. I was inspired to start knitting toys by some nice people I follow on Twitter and their posting of links to cute toy patterns.

The carrot pattern is by Emily Ivey at Yarn Miracle. The lamb pattern is by Fuzzy Mitten.