Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Custom Creations

Well, guys, I have to say that Market on the Square could have been more successful. It wasn't a complete disappointment, though. I did sell four toys and make $67 in the process. More importantly, I gave out tons of business cards, and there may be a large Etsy order on the horizon for me because of it. In addition to that, I just got an order from the receptionist at Max's daycare for a collection of plush sports balls. I am now on the hunt for the perfect football-colored yarn. And contemplating the feasibility of knitting a soccer ball. I may end up just doing a football, baseball, and basketball. Perhaps I'll throw in a hockey puck... because, as you may or may not know, hockey is the best sport there is.

I also got a request for two horses, but it isn't a firm request yet, just an inquiry at this point. Hopefully it will turn into an actual order.

In the meantime, I'm *thisclose* to finishing up a tiger, and I am super in love with it. I'll have to make more, I'm sure. Elephants and tigers are popular critters here in southern Alabama. Hopefully I'll get the tiger finished up tonight and photographed and listed on Etsy tomorrow. I just have to knit the tail then sew the legs and tail onto the body.

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