Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Timmy the Tiger

Meet Timmy, my latest creation. He's a tiger, obviously. Isn't he cute?

Here, drink in the full view of Timmy.

Now, from the back. Isn't that a sweet little tail?

I have a feeling that if I ever get the time to make more of him, I'll sell a zillion. This one is already spoken for. Remember that potentially large Etsy order I mentioned in my last post? Well, Timmy is part of that order, along with a snail and an elephant. I'm also making two horses for the buyer. I'll be starting on those tonight.

I wrote up the baseball/basketball pattern for Max's daycare's receptionist last night, and I ordered the yarn for the football and basketball. I already have white for the baseball. The yarn shipped today, so I'll probably be able to make the balls next week.

Obviously, I have plenty of knitting to keep me busy for a while... in addition to preparing for my dissertation defense (it's only three weeks from today!). Ahhh, the end of graduate school... it sort of scares the crap out of me.

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