Saturday, August 7, 2010

Projects on the Horizon

If I ever find the time, I have tons of knitting projects I want to complete in the next couple of months. I bought myself a cardigan pattern and the yarn to make it with (Storm as the main color, Fog as the contrast) as a little birthday gift to myself. Hopefully, I'll be able to start working on it as soon as I get the yarn in the mail.

There are also four sock projects that I want to make, some for myself, others as Christmas/birthday gifts. First, I need to finish a bee for a customer. I have two more rounds to complete the body, then I need to make the wings, legs, arms, and antennae. It isn't as much work as it sounds. I can probably finish it in an hour or so, if I can find the time to sit down and do it. I didn't promise it until next weekend, but I'm actually hoping to finish it today so she can pick it up sooner.

I just sold another teddy bear on Etsy, which has seriously depleted my shop. So far on my Etsy shop to-do list are: a bear, an elephant, a zebra, a tiger, a bee, a ladybug. We'll see how long it takes me to get around to knitting all of those critters.

All in all, business is good right now, which is somewhat surprising, being August, a typically slow time of year for toy sales, I think. I'm not complaining. Now, off to change my toddler's wet pull-up and get him dressed for the day. I sort of love weekends when I wake up earlier than he does. I get so much done in that short time when everyone else is sleeping.

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