Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Lavender

Lavender the Zebra is up on Etsy now. She's so adorable, and I don't think my photos do her justice. I don't know if I'm just not getting the right background or what.

I made Lavender from my ever-growing stash of Knit Picks Shine Worsted yarn, so she is incredibly soft.

I recently visited a specialty yarn shop here in Mobile (Wellslee's All Strung Out), and for the most part was pleased with their selection. I bought two hanks of sock yarn (their sock yarn section is especially good), but I don't think they can replace Knit Picks as my top yarn supplier. They did have some pima cotton yarns, but they are twice as expensive as Shine Worsted, not nearly as soft, and they don't have as many color choices. More importantly, they don't have the colors that I order most from Knit Picks. I went to Wellslee's looking for a substitute for Shine Worsted Robot, a light gray color. They had plenty of gray yarns, but none of that light silvery shade. Looks like I'll be waiting until August 20 to place yet another order from Knit Picks.

Wellslee's does have a really great offering of knitting needles. They have circular and double-pointed needle sizes that I can't find in Hobby Lobby or Michael's and would usually have to order. Their prices on bamboo needles are also far more reasonable than the prices for those needles in Hobby Lobby (they actually cost about 50% less at Wellslee's). I will definitely be back to visit these folks, but I'm afraid they just can't replace Knit Picks.

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