Monday, May 24, 2010

Al the Gator - work in progress

I still haven't finished my Krull the Warrior King prototype, but he's coming along well, I think. In the meantime, I've been distracted by a new design project - Al the Gator. I've been working in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta for the past couple of months, and it is chock full of alligators. I saw a ton of big gators when we were out doing field work today. Up until now, the alligators we've seen have been fairly small.

I've been thinking about knitting an alligator for some time now, but I never could find a suitable pattern. So I'm writing my own! Turns out, it wasn't that hard. And my knitted gator is coming along nicely (and quickly). Hopefully I'll be able to show you the finished product in a day or two. After that, it's back to work on the dog prototype, which I hope to finish within a week or so. (That may be a bit too ambitious, since I'm super busy with final edits on my dissertation and the new lab project I'm working on).

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