Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prototype Head is Complete!

So I finished the head for my first ever toy pattern last night. It's turning out all right, I think. I am, however, definitely going to make a few changes in the final pattern that I plan to make available to the public via Ravelry. I haven't decided if I'm going to make it a free download or try to sell it. I'm thinking maybe free download to gauge interest. I have some other pattern ideas, and if they turn out well, I might try to sell some of those.

As for the Krull the Warrior King (aka stuffed dog) prototype, it's turning out on the large side, and I plan to modify the pattern to make it smaller. Here's a photo of the finished head, with ears and embroidered eyes. In the smaller version, I'll use 10 or 12 mm plastic safety eyes.

Since I've been so into this knitting toys thing, I've decided that I might also try to sell some on Etsy. I don't have anything listed yet, but I hope to have something up there in the very near future. I have a few versions of my dog pattern that I want to try, and maybe I'll list a couple of those for sale. I know I kept talking about making an octopus, but now I'm thinking I'll try a shark pattern next. I was pleased with the final product from the hammerhead pattern I bought, but I want to try to write one for a non-hammerhead shark that is knitted in the round ('cause I sort of suck at seaming, so the less sewing the better).

I'll keep you posted.

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